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Welcome to the cutest jungle adventure with our Panda Adventure Costume for Bichon. Tailored for small breeds with a penchant for fun, this delightful outfit transforms your Bichon into an irresistible panda!

Panda Custome
Panda Custome

Key Features:

  • Distinct Panda Design: From the soft fur to the iconic panda eyes, every detail is captured meticulously.
  • Comfort First: Crafted with your Bichon’s comfort in mind, this costume ensures ease of movement and a snug fit.
  • Easy Dress-Up: Simple to put on and take off, your Bichon will be ready for their jungle adventure in no time!

Sizing Chart:

Panda Costume
Panda Costume

With the Panda Adventure Costume, make every day an enchanting forest escapade for your Bichon. Whether it’s for themed events or simple at-home play, this outfit guarantees a burst of joy and countless memories. Your furry friend is ready to become the cuddliest panda in town! 🐼🐶

Weight .500 g



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